Corporate Comedy Comes Clean


corporate-entertainer-max-winfrey-bowling-ballDON’T BLOW IT!

That’s the typical thought when you’re planning a corporate event. Maybe you’ve been burned before. You need a clean entertainer / speaker who can deliver no matter what your audience demographic is. Max Winfrey has the experience and knowledge required to tailor his performance to fit your company’s needs. Whether its promoting your product or incorporating your CEO or sales person into the stage show, Max can pull it off.




His interactive show is designed to be customized on the fly–able to adapt to the style, theme, and time allotted for your event. Max has become the go-to-guy for meeting planners nationwide. With this kind of experience, it’s easy to see why Bristol Meyers, McDonald Douglas, FedEx, Texaco, American Express and many others have counted on him to deliver that knock out punch to their program